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Who can we be useful to?

We provide services to both individuals and companies

Private people

Tax service and electronic reporting for enterpreuners


Business registration and its accounting support


We provide accounting outsourcing services for companies

Why us?

Our service is an excellent accounting solution for you as a private entrepreneur or your company

  • Customized price

    We have tariff plans for each type of business, so you can find your own, perfect

  • Individual service packages

    We will monitor what services you need and offer to change your package if necessary

  • Cancelation at any time

    At any time you can stop working with us and come back again, if desired

  • Responsive support

    Your personal accountant will promptly answer all your questions and respond to inquiries

  • Additional audit

    We will conduct a quality and meticulous audit of all your documents that you will need

  • Security and privacy

    We guarantee the security and safety of all your data not only in words but also on paper and in reality

Industries we already work with

Currently, most of our customers are from such industries


Accounting services for IT companies of different sizes and individual entrepreneurs

Health protection

Accounting services for healthcare companies


Retail accounting services


Accounting services for online stores


Accounting services for logistics companies


Accounting services for individual entrepreneurs and companies from other industries

Advantages of outsourcing accounting

Spend less time keeping accounts for a private individual or company. Entrust this to our team. It will save you time, nervous system and money.



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Support for entrepreneurs

Support for entrepreneurs

5 h / month

10 min

4 h 50 min


Before Finmaxi

After Finmaxi

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Support for LLC

Support for LLC

10 h / month

20 min

9 h 40 min


Before Finmaxi

After Finmaxi

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Contractor’s control

Contractor’s control

20 h

2 h

18 h


Before Finmaxi

After Finmaxi

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Creation of reports

Creation of reports

from 3 h


3 h


Before Finmaxi

After Finmaxi

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Safety and reliability

  • We securely encrypt and store all data

    All data is encrypted and only specialists who work directly with clients have access to them

  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

    We sign an NDA agreement with each employee, client and contractor and monitor its implementation

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Our clients and partners

Our offices in other countries

We are an international company operating in more than 10 countries around the world and adhering to strict quality and safety standards








Our CRM platform

In a CRM system, you can send invoices, have a complete list of transactions, as well as a simplified document management system.

Expense audit

Finding the best option to audit your expenses

Analytics of declarations

Reconciliation of taxes, analytics of declarations, expenses and taxes


Track payments and schedule payments on one platform

Integration with payment services

Connecting multiple payment operators and collecting information

What customers say about us

Egor Shakala, COO and Co-founder Artk.ai

Finmaxi perfectly complemented the company's internal accounting department and outsourced some of our accounting problems. Time is money, which Finmaxi saves in my business. Everything is always on time and transparent.

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